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ixkcd and explainixkcd site taken down - 25 Nov 2023 02:37

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IXKCD sites are taken down due to reasons:

  • Replit is not going top host stuff next year
  • Nearly not enough storage space
  • Site is purely frontend and too simple,could make a better site with backend - Comments: 0

consonants i know how do make with certainty - 29 Sep 2023 05:13


m n ng p b t d k g ts dz tsh dzh tsx dzx s z sh zh sx zx f v sth zth h r j l hw wh - Comments: 0

current conlang statuses - 28 Sep 2023 10:15


(E=expired,A=not done/abandoned,L=okay,PG=procedurally generated)

# name what status date
1 (mandarin name) PG artlang about a meme E 2022/11/30
2 Logicless loglang AE 2023/2/1
3 Ungrammarly loglang AE 2023/3
4 set language PG conlang,PG prilang E 2023/8
5 unnamed loglang,prilang AE 2023/8
6 unnamed loglang,prilang AE 2023/9
7 unnamed loglang,prilang AE 2023/9
8 unnamed loglang,prilang AE 2023/9
9 sopenabAbA(LIT. pidgin) loglang/PG artlang L 2023/9
10 pundin(LIT. good language,this is a toki pona spelling reform) PG artlang LE 2023/9/28
11 not named yet PG prilang A(working on it) 2023/9/28

toki pona phonetics reform - 28 Sep 2023 00:13

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toki pona has unnecessarily many syllables.
Chaotic Evil:"hey how many vowels and consonants does ithkuil have lets let every one represent a concept"
True neutral: p b t d k g m n s z sh ch l r+a e i o u an en in on un
Chaotic Good: p t k (f or s) + a i u,every concept expressed in 2 syllables
Neutral Evil: basically the true neutral but add h or l or r or t or d to every consonant with no regularity - Comments: 3

#100-days resolution shopping list - 26 Sep 2023 14:00


(this should go to ixkcd but i forgot what the newest comic number is)
(hosted on ixkcd.if this link breaks it means that i have moved it into the correct comic number)
title text:this is some hack club something something or something - Comments: 0

New Language Strict Typing Syntax File - 09 Sep 2023 11:03

Tags: 7th-language blog conlang loglang

//this is the document for the words in the 7th language
//yes this is c++ because c++ is strictly typed
//two functions can go into the same slot by having different return values or having different inputs in any part of the part of the parameters less than the arity of the less valent one
//dont expect this file to be runnable and/or interpret the new language LOL
//how are the phonemes ordered?
//phonemes have different "mouth potential energy"
//just like electron orbitals
//so we can use the same way to order them
//generally easy consonants<vowels<difficult consonants
p b t d k g s z
m n[g] sh ch f v
A e E I o O U
pl bl tl dl kl gl sl zl
ml n[g]l chl fl vl
A: e: E: I: o: O: U:
pr br tr dr kr gr sr zr
mr n[g]r chr fr vr
wA we wE wI wO
jA je jE jO jU
a i u
a: i: u:
wa wi wu
ja ji ju
zh qh c(ts) q(dz) sx(voiceless dental fricative) zx(voiced)
zhl qhl cl ql sxl zxl
zhr qhr cr qr sxr zxr
//sets are hyperizing(causes the function to be mapped onto the set instead of taking the set as an input) unless the function parameters specify that a set of some type is needed
//(curried)functions are composing(causes the function to act on the function,i.e f(g)=e=>f(g(e))) again unless the function parameters dont agree with that
//there is something called a decorator.a decorator takes a function as input and probably returns the function modified.(it could in priniciple return something thats not a function though!)a decorator is also affected and affecting the power of the next decorator.the special thing about decorators is that they act upon running functions,extract them,modify them,then put them back,i.e they have more binding power than functions and more precedence
//decorators are denoted by @<ret,power>,and are pronounced with /ha/("hl" (think:Nahua"tl" without "t") if vowel) in front and in seperate syllable.if clapping on non decorator,turns it into decorator of unit power.
//functions are denoted by func<ret,inputs...>
//functions with variable inputs are denoted by func<ret,"..."et,inputs...>
//there are two special operators:stop current variadic(/hi/) and quote(/hu/)
//now code
@<any,10*p> p;
@<any,10*p+1> b;
@<any,10*p+2> t;
@<any,10*p+3> d;
@<any,10*p+4> k;
@<any,10*p+5> g;
@<any,10*p+6> s;
@<any,10*p+7> z;
@<any,10*p+8> m;
@<any,10*p+9> n;
@<any,p*10**t> sh(number a);
@<any,-p> ch;
@<any,1> f;//name,idiom
@<any,(p+1)/3> v;
@<any,p/3> A;//these three are balanced ternary,and they are intended to mean words like "small-medium-big" or "good-neutral-bad".according to the decorator combining direction,they should be written after the adjective and from least important to most.
@<any,(p-1)/3> e;
@<any,0> E;//nullifier
@<@<any,any>,any> o;//identity descriptor,takes function and returns as descriptor
//set operations:
set p(set a,set b);//union
set b(set a,set b);//intersection
set t(set a,func<bool,any> f);//filter from
var E()//variable #power,var type equivalent to any but must be the specific instance of that value instead of the value itsself
bool d(any a,any b);//equals
bool k(set<any> a,set<any>b);//strict subset of
bool g(set a,any b);//includes
bool A(any a,any b);//has same type,is vowel because could be used to make vowels outta nowhere and also generate true or false and also assert the type of the result of an expression to reduce ambiguity
bool s(bool a);//not
bool z(bool a,bool b);//and
bool m(bool a,bool b);//or
bool n(bool a,bool b);//implies
bool sh(bool a,bool b);//bidirectional implies
func<t> ch(var x,t expr);//lambda
func<t> e(func x,any v);//curry,power indicates slot+1
number I(number x);//add to power
- Comments: 1

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